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ARP (Applied Research in Patacriticism)

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"ARP was founded in 2003 to begin a broad and especially a practical dissemination of Alfred Jarry's ideas into the field of general education. Poet and intellectual entrepreneur, Jarry invented the discipline of 'Pataphysics, which he called "the science of exceptions" and "the science of imaginary solutions". 'Patacriticism is a scholarly and pedagogical derivative of Jarry's late nineteenth-century initiative.

"ARP is a workshop for designing and building educational tools. While ARP's tools are digital, they take their origin from a continuing investigation into the technology of the book and its extended network of communicative mechanisms. The power and sophistication of that network -- its capacity for simulating and harnessing creative human invention -- dwarfs our current digital tools and networks. Nonetheless, digital instruments are already clearing a space for themselves. We believe that digital culture will prosper to the degree that it can expose, understand, and augment our inherited bibliographical technology."

ARP tools include Collex, Juxta, and Ivanhoe.

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