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How to delete spam entries in my echo survey?

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Dear ECHO administrators I am the owner of the Expanding Your Horizons Alumnae Survey kindly hosted by you for the past 4 years. Here's the address:

In the past 2 months our survey has had 3 gibberish entries, all purportedly coming from hotmail e-mail addresses, prior to this we've had none. I have written (by e-mail) to various ECHO people asking how to get these entries deleted, maybe I could do it myself if I was given some instructions? But I haven't heard from any of you, so I thought I'd try this "User Comments" facility. Can you tell me what to do to delete gibberish entries in my ECHO-based survey? Thank-you Cherrill Spencer

P.S. I see my survey is not the only ECHO survey to be suffering this spam, see here for what it looks like:

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