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"The ALG image analysis tool, I2K, is capable of analyzing multidimensional, multi-variate image data and allows the user to interact with the data. The environment also provides histogram, image ranking, image statistics, correlation matching, image thresholding, and isodata clustering. The tool handles multiple file formats such as jpg, gif, tif, pgm, ppm, and lan, and can handle combination bands from several image data sources. In addition, this environment offers a new image file format .iip (multi-band image with interleaved pixels) that can be displayed inside the tool or in your favorite web browser. Especially notable about the iip format is it's capacity for handling all possible datatypes (byte, short, integer, long, float, double). The images at right illustrate an integrated application and interface currently being developed by ALG that will process and analyze microarray image data. This effort takes already developed I2K technology and merges it into a single, unified interface."

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