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Project Pad

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Project Pad Web-Based Collaboration and Media Annotation System from Northwestern University is an advanced web-based system (under development) for scholar and/or student collaboration and media annotation.

Description from [Spoken Word at Northwestern web page]

"Our goal is to develop a system that will make it easy to create content-rich learning and study environments for scholars and students.

Project Pad integrates tools for searching for - and organizing materials from digital repositories; for annotating and analyzing those materials; for integrating those materials and analyses into a scholar's (or a student's) web-based projects; and for group exchange and decision making. Unlike other web-based collaborative systems Project Pad is designed to support synchronous interaction between users and lets users download, keep copies of, and distribute their work.

The Project Pad framework consists of Java server software that works in tandem with a standard HTTP server and a library of Macromedia Flash ActionScript classes. Client modules communicate with the server via socket connections (Flash's XML sockets) and generally retrieve content via the HTTP server. The server and libraries for the clients provide the following:

1. Object persistence and serialization to XML and back. The code that does this produces Java objects on the server and ActionScript objects in Flash.

2. A remote method call mechanism using to call methods on server-side objects. Project Pad is based on a web-services architecture.

3. The "observer" design pattern so that a number of clients can be notified of changes to an object in the persistent store.

Project Pad is an open source project and software is released under a GPL license."

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