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Scribe 2.5 is a free cross-platform note-taking program designed especially with historians in mind. Think of it as the next step in the evolution of traditional 3x5 note cards. Scribe allows you to manage your research notes, quotes, thoughts, contacts, published and archival sources, digital images, outlines, timelines, and glossary entries. You can create, organize, index, search, link, and cross-reference your note and source cards. You can assemble, print, and export bibliographies, copy formatted references to clipboard, and import sources from online catalogs. You can store entire articles, add extended comments on each card in a separate field, and find and highlight a particular word within a note or article. Scribe's uses range from an undergraduate history research seminar to a major archival research project.

Main Features

Create very long notes (up to 64,000 characters) Store published and archival sources (up to 22 types of sources) Create, print, and export bibliographies Copy footnote and parenthetical references to clipboard in Chicago or MLA format Import sources from online catalogs (one at a time only) Index note and source cards using a large number of keywords Store contact information and notes on authors Add extended comments on each card in a separate field Search notes and sources by author, title, keyword, note, comments, and other fields Perform word search: find and highlight a specific word in the note Link sources to notes Link sources and notes to images Create cross-reference links between cards Create an outline and link it to cards Create a timeline and link it to cards Create a glossary for your project

Available at Scribe

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