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TK3 runs on Macintosh and Windows and offers the first real drag-and-drop assembly kit for rich media. With TK3, the user is able to write directly in the document, and can import video, audio, text and graphics from other sources. The user can import images from a digital camera, or sound from a built-in microphone, allowing them to build documents that are highly personalized. More advanced users can build sophisticated graphic or animated elements in other programs, which can then be imported to their book template.

TK3 also contains a host of tools that allow the reader to mark up the electronic document in much the same way that they would mark up a printed book. In addition to sticky note, hiliter, notebook and dog-earing functions, the reader can run a concordance search of any word or phrase within a book, or across several books, and also can make audio or video notes, and share those notes with other readers. When completed, a book can be distributed on discrete media such as DVD or thumb drives, or downloaded from the web.

Several textbooks have been made with TK3 by major publishers, including W.W. Norton, Addison-Wesley, and Houghton-Mifflin. Students at USC and other universities are using TK3 in their classes to author "multimedia" papers. The students require little or no instruction in how to use the program, and are enthusiastic about being able to express their ideas in a more complex form than a written paper.

To learn more about TK3, and to Download TK3 Reader and trial copy of TK3 Author:

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