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teiPublisher- TEI XML Publishing System

The <teiPublisher>, an extensible, modular and configurable xml-based repository, is being created by a team of programmers and content developers. It is designed to bridge the gap between having a collection of structured documents which are posted on the Web as static HTML or XML pages, and having a functional digital library. This is being done by providing the tools to manage an extensible, modular and configurable XML-based repository which will house, search, browse, and display documents encoded in TEI-Lite on the World Wide Web.

<teiPublisher> is designed to provide administrative tools to help repository managers with limited technical knowledge manage their repositories. Building on the native XML database eXist, the application provides a range of administrative functions crucial to maintaining a web-assessable digital repository, including:
establishing an XML repository for TEI-Lite-encoded documents;
uploading and deleting documents;
analyzing XML document instances to determine elements for searching and browsing;
developing ontology consistency and refining ontology development;
indexing and storing XML documents for efficient search and retrieval;
generating search/browse, results and metadata display pages for end users;
providing an extensible framework with plugin architecture;
creating inter and intra document links;
partitioning the repository into collections;
creating repository backups;
changing the look of the interface;
associating XSL transformation scripts and CSS stylesheets to obtain different target outputs (HTML, PDF, etc.).

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