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Virginia Center for Digital History

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"The Virginia Center for Digital History (VCDH) is an independent center within the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia. At its founding VCDH was charged with creating new forms of historical scholarship and with performing public service and outreach. In these roles VCDH is home to a number of digital projects spanning the range of American history, from the Jamestown settlement, to the Civil War, to the Civil Rights movement. These projects are built to be used by K-12 educators, and the general public, as well as by college students, and scholars.

Our digital collections constitute widely accessible, scholarly versions of primary histrocial sources that otherwise would remain inaccessible and largely unknown to the public. These collections are the basis of activities at VCDH, such as interpretation and analysis of the data by scholars, as well outside the Center, such as their use by primary and secondary school teachers in the classroom."

- from About VCDH

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